The Hero-Verses : Short Poems Celebrating Tom Daley, Sir Chris Hoy and Katherine Grainger

This is a short series of longer “single” verses that celebrate the pre-tournament hero’s of summer 2012 sport – particularly the London Olympics – in 2012. It follows on from the post “From the Twitverse to Universe” a series of poems based on a very heroic 150 characters…

Olympic Momento Hero-Verse: 1

Sir Chris Hoy: Athletic Supremo, Cyclist:

The face of Hoy distorting with pace,

propelled under gods power in the cycling space.

Astride his bike he gianted the olympic stadium,

shining like an isotope of metallic radium”

(References Gillette’s posters on side of tower block over looking Olympic Stadium, Stratford London 2012)

Sir Chris Hoy

A Larger than life Chris HoyTowers above Olympic Stadium London 2012

Olympic Momento Hero-Verse: 2

Tom Daley:  Child prodigy, heart-throb, Bronze medal 10m London 2012

Lost in the Kinetic way his mystic energy auguring of being Fey.

Tom’s “salad days” silenced by the fates definitive say.

The world peaks and the troughs of water entered deform,

but a bronzed hero can find, by alchemy, escape into a new golden form*.

(*references his bronze 10m diving medal, tanned appearance and the phoenix rising from the ashes)

Olympic Momento Hero-Verse: 3

Katherine Grainger : Rower , Inspirational Competitor, Six Times Worlds.  Gold Medal: Olympic double sculls.

With the tenacity of Tolkien’s Ranger,

Katherine Grainger eschewed clear and present danger.

To quell the destructed torrents which ambition can put in a oragami fold

To find that silver lining and wrap it in the allure of gold.

Rowing London 2012 Video © surfergordz