A Torch That Can light Up The Silence

Logan's Paper Torch

Logan’s Torch (the new Joe90 ?) © Daily Express




“In this ever-changing world in which we live in” …..  “What a difference a day makes”… “The Power of the Media..”

Our world is full of sentence’s such as these. Though based on profound logic and intellectual insights to our modern ears they appear prosaic, because of over use, and mundane because of the context they’re often used to frame.  They’re also often misused like the phrase “beg the question” which instead of being treated as a form of debate and logical argument is reduced to meaning simply “ask the question”.  A sin of which the BBC is equally guilty. But that will be a wholly difference Englistics post.

What is important now is that for at least one day each of these sentence’s hold true. The actions of a little 5-year-old boy and his Paper Olympic Torch has seen to that. Today is different from yesterday in some small way simply because someone put others before themselves, the collective good before their own, and affected people’s attitudes positively and profoundly. The world “IS” ever-changing. And thankfully for a brief moment the “I” fixation of the rap star and the egocentric mutterings of discontent from the overlooked football star have been displaced from the headlines by a simple compelling thought that reinforces our convictions and our connections with each other, and the world.

The biggest transformation though is the big dent in the funding appeal target of the Hearing dogs For The Deaf . The efforts of a little boy, Logan McKerrow from Chard in Somerset,  ably aided and abetted by his parents have raised £2,050 for a very deserving and important cause. The fact they raised such a substantial amount of money using only a paper torch should be celebrated, but the process was still effected, and in part overshadowed, by the actions of people making disingenuous or  fake bids because they were attention seeking. The BBC much to its chagrin – as it impacts on the premise all their sources are verified – was taken in and were reporting mid morning yesterday that the Torch had attracted a bid of £150,000.

So what we witnessed within the space of 24 hours is the  “Power Of The Media” in all its forms: good and bad. The initial BBC Breakfast TV report was balanced and engaging, it also proved a powerful catalyst. Having the connectivity of the internet was a tremendous resource and over the years proved transformational for communication and transaction. The internet thought has a dark side as the false bidders prove.

We are increasingly aware of bullying and stalking and attention seekers motivated by the cult of the individuality and promoted by “Rap” and  “bankers” culture.  What we do sometimes fail to take account of is the people unhappy to insult and disrupt, people who bandwagon stories corrupting them for the purposes of making links to products and sites, those wishing to misuse our data and those people being paid to write reviews and reports – claiming to be independent which recommend products. Worse still they purport to be friends and to “like” you.

So a simple case of one good and one bad experience? Not really. The issue is a bigger one and goes to the heart of my original post which was a thought on Dystopia and our collective future and how simple pure actions such as Logan’s – generosity of spirit – can help to arrest our moral and ethical decline, as much as a report on the minutiae of  the Logan Torch story. A point sorely missed totally by some of the people who transposed and reposted at www.digital-forums.com yesterday commenting that the story was not fully told.

We sometimes think of the internet as a channel and an inert force. In one sense it is, but in many others it is a complex microcosm of human interaction (even the bots were once programmed) and accordingly a reflection of the human condition. That means people lost, people found, people looking to find, people looking to lose themselves, people looking to do good, people looking to corrupt, people looking to build, people looking to destroy, people looking to deceive and people looking to stop them.

How we behave toward each other is becoming increasingly important as the world shrinks and population expands. Our physical and mental well-being individually and collectively could depend on it. We need to be thankful and grateful for what we have and express that gratitude through our thoughts and deeds.  Giving and Gratitude could be surprisingly good for us.

The people who have so far donated over £15,000 to the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People  appeal – torch (and batteries) not included – appear to agree.


Prosaic :
Pronunciation: pro·sa·ic (pr-zk)

  • Matter-of-fact; straightforward. .
  • Lacking in imagination and spirit; dull
  • Consisting or characteristic of prose.



  •  (m -n sh – , -sh , -ny -).  n. pl. mi·nu·ti·ae (-sh – )


  •     precise details; small or trivial or trifling matters


Pronunciation:  dis·in·gen·u·ous. adj \ˌdis-in-ˈjen-yə-wəs, -yü-əs-\.  (Merriam Webster)


  •  Not straightforward or candid; insincere or calculating


Final Ebay Auction Bid:  £2050.00


BBC Interview:  7th July 2012 – At Logan’s Home

BBC Interview :  8th July 2012 – Logan at The BBC

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