The Englistics Blog celebrates all that is interesting and intriguing about the English Language and how it is spoken, written and applied. Its scope ranges from usage and abuses, to inventions and conventions and its inspiration can come from any source.

Verbal or written, printed media or digital, lyrics or literature, litany’s or litigations, aphorisms or simple softly spoken humourous asides ours is an all-inclusive search.

English is a dynamic language, so who spoke a particular word or sentence, where they said it, the context in which it was used and why it was said is of equal interest to us. How the meaning is received and interpreted is a whole different consideration in this mission to understand the English Language.

The explosion in new technology and social media innovation, in conjunction with a vibrant period in street and youth culture has led to an avalanche of new words being coined. How many fall into common use remains to be seen but some are definitely becoming integral parts of the social glue.

This page will include the serious, the humourous and hopefully offer insight and interest. This blog will never be fully formed so please feel free to comment and give feedback.  The two-way hand press of our interaction builds your interest and keeps mine so please comment here, and feel free to link to the ‘Englistics’ account at Twitter.

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