108 Cassettes

Your sounds move me, pulsate on me, engage the selfish in me and almost entertained me.

Maybe if you had stayed sodium, and left alone Lithium, then enigma would have forever transplanted your idiom.

Seeing through the façade, you shot from the hip:  But ended all too abruptly, missing out on a full crack of the whip.

We were waiting to see the edifice exposed, and doors torn down. Not a limited edition cashing in on the hurt, and the trademark frown.

The poster boy was elevated to make plain controlling people’s tangled ties. Their duplicity, morphing into multiplicity before unravelling to form lies.

But you just left them hanging – gun cocked charges loaded – trying to live life to the full. Their new hope muzzled in a shot -lost in a bush maze – after years eradicating the bull.

We know we deserved so much better after such a painful long wait, but when rudderless and directionless gained merit, it had to be down to fate.

In memoriam for our fallen; contorted and exploited by a fallen figure eight. Its shell now retreating, glowing fleetingly, power pushed to the extremities. Right?


This poem by David M Hall/Englistics was inspired by an interview with Brett Morgan the Director of Cobain:Montage of Heck (2015). The ‘108 Cassettes’ refers to the discovery made by Morgan of 108 audio cassettes on which Kurt Cobain had recorded his thoughts, lyrics and songs.


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